Community Service (Luke 17:11-19)

Suff’ring people needing help, tend to only see themselves.

When, at last, they get relief, some will celebrate release.

Many then go on their way, glad to live another day.

Some will make a thank you call, others just forget it all.


Saying “thank you” as you leave is a trite formality.

Lick a stamp and send a card. Really, this is nothing hard.

Pen a sappy rhyming verse. You could do a whole lot worse.

As your problem sees an end, you could make a caring friend. 


Image: Joel Muniz on Unsplash

Source: Luke 17:11-19

Text:  David Alexander, 2022, CC BY-SA NC 4.0

Tune:  Loughborough College, Public Domain

Score:  Used by Permission

A Simple Gospel   (2 Timothy 2:8-15)

I proclaim a simple gospel, Jesus Christ raised from the dead.

Though I’m chained, the Gospel isn’t. Others tell it out instead.

Therefore I endure whatever, for the sake of those God chose.

So they may obtain salvation in Christ Jesus, Heaven knows!


We who die will also live and through enduring come to reign.

Though we’re faithless, he is faithful. What he was, he’ll be again.

Tell your hearers not to wrangle over words, which only ruin.

Do your best to show approval. Rightly bear the word of truth. 


Image: Kristusovo vstajenje, 1850

Source: 2 Timothy 2:8-15

Text:  David Alexander, 2022, CC BY-SA NC 4.0

Tune:  Pleading Savior, Public Domain


Audio:  Used by Permission 

Increase our Faith

“Increase our faith,” apostles asked. The Lord replied, “That’s quite a task.”

“If yours was as a mustard seed you easily could move a tree.”

And then, as he was wont to do, he changed the subject. Off he flew!”


“Let’s talk of folks who’ve been enslaved, whose masters sit around and wait

for outdoor labors to be done and then add on another one. 

No thanks are given for the work. It’s just your job, you worthless jerk.” 


Image:   Christopher Eden on Unsplash

Source:  Luke 17:5-10

Text:  David Alexander, 2022, CC BY-SA NC 4.0

Tune:  Credo, Public Domain


Audio:  Used by Permission 

The Gift of Grace

I’m in a place by gift of grace and wish the same to you. 

With mercy, peace and more like these from our Lord Jesus, too.


Both night and day I always pray in thanks for your deep faith.

You, child of faithful women who exemplify the way. 


Remember love and discipline, these powers that are yours,

and stir them up to testify for Jesus Christ, our Lord. 


Like me, you have a holy call to manifest God’s grace

through which death ends and life unending shines our onward way.


For this I was appointed an apostle and was sent.

For this I suffer unashamed. On Jesus I depend.


And you, beloved student in the faith of Jesus Christ,

Guard what you’ve been entrusted as the Spirit gives you life. 


Image: Rajesh Rajput on Unsplash 

Source:  2 Timothy 1:1-14

Text:  David Alexander, 2022, CC BY-SA NC 4.0

Tune:  Glasgow, Public Domain


Audio:  Used by Permission

Don’t Let the Wicked Make You Fret

Don’t let the wicked make you fret, 

or envy what they’re doing

The time will come when they will get

the destiny they’re brewing.


Trust in the Lord and live secure, 

and justice be pursuing. 

In God’s delight like noonday light 

your cause will find full viewing.


Be still before the Lord, and wait.

Don’t envy other people.

A life of wrath, is evil’s path

That leads to your undoing. 


So wait a while; they’ll disappear.

You’ll seek, but will not find them.

The land is for the meek; don’t fight.

Delight in what God’s given.


Image:   Arras Wickedness of Man, Royal Castle, Warsaw.

Source: Psalm 37:1-9 

Text:  David Alexander, 2022, CC BY-SA NC 4.0

Tune:  Dominus Regit Me, Public Domain

Score:  Used by Permission 

Standing at my Watchpost

I cried out for justice, but nobody heard. 

God had failed to save when, violence drew near.

Trouble and wrong-doing, danced before my eyes. 

Everywhere I looked the strife was on the rise. 


Law was slack and justice never could prevail. 

Wicked ringed the righteous, judgments always failed.

I stood in my tower, listened for my Lord, 

making my complaint and waiting for a word. 


God said, “write the vision, make it very plain. 

Something’s surely coming, though it seems delayed.

Proud folks lack the spirit. They don’t want to wait.  

Fortified by vision, righteous live by faith.


Image:   TangChi Lee on Unsplash

Source:  Habakkuk 1:2-4; 2:1-4

Text:  David Alexander, 2022, CC BY-SA NC 4.0

Tune:  Swahili, Public Domain

Score:  Used by Permission

Depressed by our Defeats

We’re depressed by our defeats so 

don’t expect a song and dance.

Even though this place is pleasant, 

laughter doesn’t stand a chance.


Mention when and where we flourished;

tell us just how much we’ve lost.

Doesn’t matter who’s to blame, we

feel we’ve paid too high a cost. 


Those who did us in and those who

cheered as we were on the ropes,

will in future generations

reap the harvest of our hopes.


Image:  捷 简 on Unsplash

Source:  Psalm 137

Text:  David Alexander, 2022, CC BY-SA NC 4.0

Tune:   Brocklesby, Public Domain


Audio:  Used by Permission.

How Lonely Sits the City

How lonely sits the city, that once was full of people.

A bride who’s now a widow, a princess now a vassal.

Deserted by her lovers, at night her tears are bitter.

Her friends became betrayers.


In exile, she’s forsaken. Pursued and overtaken.

There’s no one on the roads and the fairgrounds are abandoned.

The priests are going hungry, the brides get no proposals.

There’s nothing to rejoice for. 


The Lord has made her suffer, and enemies now prosper.

So large was the transgression, she lost a generation. 

With majesty departed, she drags on, brokenhearted.

Her princes now are friendless. 


Image: Peter Herrmann on Unsplash

Source:  Lamentations 1:1-6

Text:  David Alexander, 2022, CC BY-SA NC 4.0

Tune:  O Lamm Gottes, Public Domain

Score:  Used by Permission 

All on Earth

Praise God, with song now all on earth,

what God has done, both see and learn.

If we have strayed, we may return.

These tests refine and prove our worth.

Though deeply flawed, we’re yet God’s church;

we bring our gifts from all the earth.

We trust when praying we’re surely heard.

We’re blessed to have been loved since birth. 


Image: Suganth on Unsplash

Source: Psalm 66:1-12

Text:  David Alexander, 2020, CC BY-SA NC 4.0

Tune:  Ye Banks and Braes, Public Domain

Score:  Used by Permission