About Aboksu

David Alexander, known as Aboksu in Taiwan (where he’s a citizen), discovered a knack for matching texts to tunes sometime in the late 70s, and began following that lead about 10 years later. In 2001 he became a protoge of Loh Ito, the world church music specialist from Taiwan. In 2004 began translating hymns from Taiwanese to English, and writing some of his own. Since 2015 he’s maintained a blog at wordpress.com, where he posted sermons while leading a church. After retiring in 2018 he turned to the blog to post reflections as he adapted from life in Taiwan to life in the USA. In 2020 reflections gave way to songs and hymns.  In May of 2022 he surpassed 500 consecutive days of postings, most of which were original songs (set to Public Domain tunes).  Whether any of these, especially those based on the biblical book of Ecclesiastes, ever get used in ecclesiastical settings is doubtful, but they were fun to write.

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