A Shift in Focus

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When the “Aboksu” blog began sometime in 2016, I had no idea what to put here. It was mainly a place for bloviation. Eventually, when I took up weekly preaching in English, it became a “sermon dump” (that also, was likely bloviation). In 2019, having been retired for 9 months, it became the place where I processed the progression identity change. Having left Taiwan and entered America, I needed a vent. It took a few months for me to find my feet and connect the life I’d enjoyed in Taiwan with the life I was learning in America. Though that learning process continues, it’s no longer my major occupation.

“Aboksu” will continue as a blog, but without the subtitle. If you have subscribed to it in the past for Taiwan content or stories from my past there, you might take this opportunity to exit. Contents will shift in a “liturgical” direction. Since late last year I’ve been writing church music. When I told some friends about that recently, I had to answer the question, “How will you distribute it?” I could only say, “I don’t know.”

Entering the Covid Summer, I posted some “psalm mangling” efforts. I had noplace else to go with them. On July 23rd, I resumed daily posting, beginning with the Psalms. The plan is to eventually “swot up” and present singable settings of lectionary passages. There are enough “new” things that I can fill for the rest of 2020 and probably 2021. Each will come with an audio link that viewers can click and sing to. If you came for Taiwan stories, I don’t blame you for being disappointed. If you want to sing churchy stuff, though, this might just be the place.

Peace to all. Aboksu

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