The Last Supper

A holiday was coming and a feast was de rigueur.

Disciples asked about it and he said exactly where.

When everything was ready and he joined the hungry group,

He told them “my betrayer is in here with me and you.”


They didn’t want to think it though not one of them was sure.

He told them that he knew that one among them wasn’t pure.

“Since what will happen can’t be changed, don’t fight it. Oh, but woe 

to him who brings it on for he’ll have nowhere, then, to go. 


While they were eating Jesus took a loaf of bread and spoke.

“This is my body, take and eat these pieces that I broke.”

And then he took a cup, gave thanks before he said to them,

“Drink, all of you, the covenant poured out to deal with sin.”


“I’ll never drink again this fruit until I drink it new, 

and when that day has come we’ll be together, me and you.

My Father’s Kingdom’s near, but there are things to do as yet.” 

They cleared the table, sang a hymn, and out the door they went.


Image:   Ghirlandaio a passignano

Source:  Matthew 26:14-30

Text:   David Alexander, 2022, CC BY-NC SA 4.0  

Tune:   Land of Rest , Public Domain


Audio:  Used by Permission. 

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