Jesus, Peter, James and John

Jesus, Peter, James and John, climbed a mountain after dawn.

Reaching an exalted height, they then beheld an awesome sight.

Jesus was transfigured there, shining face and clothes made fair.

Prophets stood beside the Lord and conversations went unheard.


Peter spoke up to suggest, “Let’s stay here; forsake the rest.” 

Then a voice spoke from above, “This one is my be-lov-ed son.

Listen, do the things he says.” Full of fear, they acted dead.

Jesus’ touched and woke the three, and led them back to Galilee. 


Image:  Tim Tiedemann on Unsplash 

Source: Matthew 17:1-9

Text:  David Alexander, 2020 CC BY-SA 4.0

Tune:   Mountain Heights, Public Domain

Score: unavailable as a download.  Purchase Sing the Songs of Bethlehem  from MorningStar Music Publishers

Audio:  Used by permission. 

Worship Video: 

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