A Call to Confidence

All those whose lives are blameless, guided by the law of God,

by keeping God’s decrees and seeking rightness of the heart,

will find their ways made blameless; and their paths are fully paved

with happiness from God that brightens every day.


Since everything that God commands needs diligent consent,

we follow, keeping statutes, and we never will relent

from steadfast vision and with hearts upright and full of praise,

We’re confident in providence God won’t forsake. 


Image:  Jesse Bowser on Unsplash 

Source:   Psalm 119:1-8

Text: David Alexander, 2022  CC BY-SA NC 4.0

Tune: Gracias, Public Domain

Audio: www.smallchurchmusic.com  Used by Permission

Worship Video:https://youtu.be/hKY2g4bqNZI

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