Have the Mind that Was in Jesus

Have the mind that was in Jesus, who, though in the form of God,

Did not think to claim his place as equal to the One above.


By his own free will forsaking ev-ry-thing he should have had

Being born in human likeness, he became a humble man.


Christ obeyed the One who sent him, on a cross he died one day.

Therefore God raised him on high and gave to him the highest name.


So that at the name of Jesus all creation bends the knee.

Ev’ry tongue cries out confessing Christ is Lord eternally.


Image:  Fuu J on Unsplash 

Source:   Philippians 2:5-11

Text:     David Alexander, 2009 CC0

Tune:   Vesper Hymn, Public Domain

Score:  https://www.smallchurchmusic.com/Score_PDF-2010/SaviourBreathe-VesperHymn.pdf  

Audio:www.smallchurchmusic.com  Used by permission

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