Arise and Shine, Your Light Has Come

Arise and shine, your light has come. God’s glory to you has been shown.

Though darkness covered earth from heav’n, to you God’s favor has been giv’n.


The nations come unto your light and kings draw near your dawn so bright.

Lift up your eyes and look around. They gather where you can be found. 


Your sons shall come from far away, your daughters too on God’s great day. 

Then you shall see, your faces shine. Your hearts rejoicing at this sign.


The wealth of land and sea is yours. All nations bring it to your shores. 

Both frankincense and gold are brought, and praise is given unto God.


Image:  Emma Steinhobel on Unsplash

Source:  Isaiah 60:1-6

Text:     David Alexander, 2009, CC0

Tune: Morning Hymn , Public Domain

Score:  Used by permission

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