There’s a Reason I’m in Prison

There’s a reason I’m in prison, all can know the “whens” and “whys,”

Surely you’ve heard the commission given me in Jesus Christ.


Mystery through revelation has been given unto me.

If you read what I have written you’ll be able to perceive.


Formerly this mystery was not make known to humankind

But now it has been revealed that all are heirs in Jesus Christ.


Of this gospel, I’m a servant, least of all the saints I am,

by the gift of grace from God and through the working of God’s hand.


This my task, to bring the Gentiles news of God’s unbounded gift,

to reveal what long was hidden by the One who made all things.


Through the church God’s wisdom now is known by all in heav’n and earth.

This was God’s eternal purpose, carried out in Christ the Lord.


Access now is ours in boldness, confidence through faith in Christ.

Be encouraged though I suffer. Praise the Lord and live your lives.


Image:  Denis Oliveira on Unsplash

Source:  Ephesians 3:1-12

Text:     David Alexander, 2009, CC0

Tune:  Stuttgart , Public Domain

Score:  Used by permission

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