After the Angels had Gone

After the angels had departed,

shepherds discussed what they had seen. 

Knowing the way to their lord and savior, 

they hastened onward to Bethlehem. 


They found the mother and the father

and saw the child upon the hay.

And when the told how the angels sent them

everyone marveled at what they said. 


Mary remembered, and she pondered.

shepherds returned, while singing praise.

The angels’ words were what got them moving;

the shepherds’ feet had pursued God’s ways.


When, a week later, on the eighth day,

a time made holy by the law,

the baby underwent circumcision, and was named 

Jesus, to save us all.


Image: Zoe Graham on Unsplash

Source:   Luke 2:15-21

Text:     David Alexander, CC BY-SA NC 4.0

Tune:   Blomqvist, Public Domain


Audio:  Used by permission

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