I Will Recount the Glorious Deeds of God

I will recount the gracious deeds of God,

the acts praiseworthy of our Lord and King,

because of all the Lord has done for us

and of  great favor shown to Israel.


According to God’s mercy we have known

Abundant love, by which we are God’s own.

The Lord announces, “Surely you are mine,

your truthful dealing is both seal and sign.”


For neither messenger nor angel came

But God’s own presence and God’s holy name

Redeemed and saved the nation so beloved

And carried them through all the days of old.


Image:   Michael Michelovski on Unsplash

Source:  Isaiah 63:7-9 

Text:     David Alexander,2009 CC0

Tune:   Woodlands, Public Domain

Score:   https://hymnary.org/media/fetch/116235 

Audio:   www.smallchurchmusic.com  Used by permission

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