Break Forth With Gladness

Wilderness, break forth with gladness, Joy, come fill the desert place.                              

Blossom now as does the crocus and resound with singing voice.                                      

Shining as Carmel and Sharon you shall be upon that day                                                   

to be seen by all who travel on the Lord’s majestic way. 


Strengthen now the hands of weakness and make firm the feeble knees.                              

Say to those whose hearts are fearful “Be Strong. Fear Not.” God is peace.                            

Though with vengeance is His coming and with fearful recompense;                                  

yet your God will come to meet you with salvation in His hands.


Eyes of blind folk shall be opened. Ears of deaf folk be unstopped.                                 

Lame of foot like deer shall frolic. Tongues of speechless sing for joy.                                    

In the wilderness rise fountains. In the desert streams shall flow.                                       

Haunts of jackals fill with ‘gators. Dry lands into marshes grow.


Wide the path that in the desert shall be called the holy way.                                     

None unclean shall travel on it, only God’s folk, night and day.                                             

Even fools who come this way will not get lost or go astray.                                         

Here no beasts nor hungry lions, only God’s redeemed at play.


Come to Zion, come with singing, joy unceasing on your heads.                                       

Here obtain both joy and gladness. There’s no room for fear or dread.                                   

God in majesty is coming. In the desert clear the way.                                               

Greet the One who comes to meet us on His glorious festal day.


Image:  Amy Humphries on Unsplash 

Source:  Isaiah 35:1-10    

Text:     David Alexander, 2007 & 2022   CC BY-SA NC 4.0

Tune:  In Babilonie, Public Domain 

Score:  Used by permission

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