How Glad I Was

How glad was I when came the word that called us to the house of God.                              

Jerusalem, within you now our feet do stand, our heads we bow.                                             

This place to which the tribes ascend is built and bound by God’s own hand.                                 

So thank the Lord who gives to all both temple and the judgment hall.


For peace we lift our hands and pray that all may prosper in God’s way.                                 

Secure and well may people stand in this and all surrounding lands.                                      

May peace within these walls abound. May God’s own word herein resound.                             

Where shines the sun the Gospel reach, o’er mountain, valley, lake and sea. 

Image:  Reiseuhu on Unsplash 

Source:   Psalm 122

Text:     David Alexander, 2007 & 2022 CC BY-SA NC 4.0

Tune:   Creation, Public Domain

Score:  Used by permission

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