Snakes on a Plain

The people on the Exodus were not a patient lot.

They spoke against their leader and, what’s more, against their God.

“You brought us out of Egypt to this desert where it’s dry, 

And what the Lord gives us to eat has failed to satisfy.”


The Lord decided that they needed just a little pain

to help remind them where they were and bring them back again.

They quickly realized just what was up and what to do

so, pleaded with their leader and repented some, to boot.   


A graven image, quickly made, was raised upon a pole,

and anyone who glanced that way was subsequently whole.

We ask the Lord for mercy, which is God’s, alone, to give.

When trouble comes we pray, repent, and look to God: and live. 


Image:   The Bronze Serpent – Gustav Dore, 1866  

Source:    Numbers 21:4-9

Text:  David Alexander, 2022 CC BY-SA NC 4.0

Tune:  Kingsfold, Public Domain


Audio:  Used by Permission

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