I Will Sing for My Beloved

I will sing for my beloved and the vineyard on a hill

that he cleared and planted, hewed a wine vat out with expert skill.

Dreaming of the grapes that would be turned into the finest wine,

woke unto great disappointment on the date of harvest time.


Judge, and tell me, what’s your verdict? What should my beloved do?

After having started well and met conditions; all fell through.

He will leave it unprotected. Wi-ld beasts will tread it down.

Weeds and thorns will overgrow it. Lack of rain will leave it brown.


What God plants, expecting  justice, wickedness can turn perverse.

Righteousness forsaken ends with bloodshed, cries and even worse.

No one wants an empty vineyard. No one loves an empty purse.

Rule your life by God’s intention: nation, family and church.


Image:   Grape Iran, CCO

Source:   Isaiah 5:1-7

Text:   David Alexander, 2020 CC BY-SA NC-ND 4.0

Tune: Llansannan, Public Domain   

Score:   https://www.smallchurchmusic.com/2014/Score/WhoIsSoWeak-Llansannan.pdf 

Audio:www.smallchurchmusic.com  Used by Permission

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