Seeking Fortune, Finding Fame (Psalm 107)

Thank the Lord whose steadfast love, gathers and redeems us folk

gathered in from every land, who’ve been scattered, borne the yoke.

From the east and from the west, south and north. 


Draws us in from wilderness, wanderers who ev’ry day,

cry to heaven in distress, to be set back on our way.

Let us thank the Lord for this, steadfast love. 


Trapped in misery and gloom, when our chicks return to roost

Fallen down with none to help, turning heavenward from hell,

Find ourselves remembered and free again.


Sickened through our sinful ways, off our feed and near to death,

Think back to our salad days, cry to God in our distress.

By God’s word we find we’re healed, and rejoice.


Seeking fortune, finding fame, seeing wonders far away

Battered by outrageous fate, courage lost and sore afraid

When the storms of life are stilled, God be praised. 


Fruitful ventures turn to waste, healthy lives are lost to plague.

God can turn it all around, cleanse our filth and make us sound.

God restores community. Blessing flows.


When diminished and brought low, even princes come to know

That their way is in God’s hand, that they are not in command. 

Let those who are wise give heed, to the Lord.


Image: Jyotirmoy Gupta on Unsplash

Text:  David Alexander, 2020, CC 2.0

Tune: Lux Prima, Public Domain

Audio: www.smallchurchmusic. Used by Permission

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