Don’t Be Too Wise

When you prosper and i-n adversity, keep in mi-nd they’re both fr-om God.

Nobody knows what follows this li–fe. We’ll all find out some day.


Life in van-i-ty has shown me everything. Righteous perish; wicked live.

Evil lasts, so don’t be too righteous; neither a-ct too wisely. 


Let some foolishness temper your wisdom. Live the years you are given.

Learn the secret of be-tween-ness. Trust the Lo-rd to help you. 


Wisdom strengthens more than politicians. No one lives without sinning.

When you are cursed, know you’ve been a curs-er. Careful how you listen. 


Image:   Photo by James Lee on Unsplash

Source:   Ecclesiastes 7:14-22

Text:   David Alexander, 2022  CC BY-SA NC 4.0

Tune:   Yiddish Folk Tune, Public Domain


Audio:  Used by Permission

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