A Shred of Hope

I am ready to be sought, though they do not ask;

found by those who seek me not, who don’t answer back.

Hands of guidance I hold out, offer an embr-ace.

They continue to rebel; walk in their own wa-y.


They don’t even try to hide shameful things they d-o.

Day and night my law they slight, digging their own tombs.

“Keep your distance,” they demand. I am irked for su-re.

One fine day I will repay; wrath they will endure.


Sin by them and all their kin, I will not ig-no-re. 

They will get what’s coming, I’ll – add a little more.

Some will say “for servants’ sake don’t destroy them all.”

So I’ll leave a few to grieve, just how far they fa-ll. 


Image:  Everett Bartels on Unsplash

Source:  Isaiah 65:1-9

Text:  David Alexander, 2022  CC BY-NC SA 4.0

Tune:  Fang Dein Werk, 1734, Public Domain

Score:  https://www.smallchurchmusic.com/Score_PDF-2010/WithTheLordBegin-FangDeinWerk.pdf 

Audio:www.smallchurchmusic.com  Used by Permission

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