The Early Fish

Upon the Sea of Galilee, with fish (one hundred fifty three),

their net was full, their boat near sunk; he donned a cloak and took a dunk.

He swam unto the nearest beach, his friend upon the shore to reach.


No word of recent things was said: not resurrection from the dead.

A fire, some fish, a simple meal and conversation made it real:

speaking of sheep and lambs to feed, and of their love, but not his deed.


“You’ll live some more, then one will lead (in summons that you’ll have to heed, 

though to that place you’d rather not) but let me tell you, that’s your lot.

Don’t ask about some other guy, he’s not your business, and if I 


should leave him back until the day when I return, it’s not your say.”

A lot of other things occurred around the One who is the word. 

To try to tell them all exceeds our earthly possibilities.


Image:    Claude Vignon – Christ Instructs Peter to Feed My Sheep, 1624

Source:   John 21:1-23

Text:   David Alexander, 2012, CC BY-SA NC 4.0

Tune:   Sussex Carol, Public Domain


Audio:  Used by Permission

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