For the Days that Yet Remain

Vivid sky features sunset colors and wispy clouds.

Intend to suffer in the flesh, for that’s what Jesus did.

And, live the days that yet remain you by the will of God.

You’ve wasted years in vain pursuits since you were just a kid.

But now you’ve changed and those deranged can’t fathom what is what. 


They’ll have to say on Judgment Day the reasons for their choice.

And though the dead were judged in flesh by spirit they might live.

The end of things is near, be clear. In pray’r lift up your voice.

Love one another selflessly. It covers up your sin.  


Image:  Licensed by    

Source:    1 Peter 4:1-8

Text:    David Alexander, 2022, CC BY SA-NC 4,0

Tune:    Rex Regum, Public Domain


Audio:   www.smallchurchmusic,com Used by Permission

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