Finishing Touches

That evening a rich man who followed the Lord

requested to care for the corpse.

An order was made and the body restored

to those who would see to the work.

A wrapping of linen was speedily made.

A new tomb was not far away. 

A stone then was rolled to the place he was laid.

and that was enough for the day.


Some women had watched so some priests became sure

nefarious plots were afoot.

Obtaining permission to make things secure 

              They went with a guard to the tomb. 

By sealing the stone they assumed it was done;

preventing the thing that they feared.

When another day passed they and all were aghast;

the one they had killed reappeared. 


Image:    Αποκαθήλωση, Public Domain

Source:  Matthew 27:57-66  

Text:    David Alexander, 2022, CC BY SA-NC 4,0

Tune:    Samanthra, Public Domain


Audio:   www.smallchurchmusic,com Used by Permission

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