Legal Ain’t the Same as Right

Some laws are made for helping all people in a land,

and others come for reasons that no one can understand.

Once they’re in place they’re open to twisting and abuse,

which lead to consequences, like bearing poisoned fruits. 


In fear of Pharisees, he called Jesus to the dock.

“Say where you’re from, and don’t forget we’ve ways to make you talk.” 

But Jesus didn’t waver; he didn’t budge an inch.

“It’s those who brought me here to you who bear the greater sin.”


When they saw that the lever of law was not enough,

they turned instead, to make him dead, to politics and bluff.

“The emperor is Caesar, whom you regard as king.

Do what we say this very day or you will feel his sting.”


Since he was outmaneuvered, he took the bench as judge.

In ways corrupt, his shoulders shrugged and rendered Jesus up.

They won their case and hurried off to the lynching ground.

Where everything was ready there to kill the one they’d bound.  


Image:    Jesus Before Pilate, 1851

Source:  John 19:7-16

Text:  David Alexander, 2022  CC BY-NC SA 4.0

Tune:  Savory Chapel,  Public Domain  


Audio:  Used by Permission

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