It’s WHO you Know

Because he was known to the man of the house, 

they let him come into the yard.

His friend was locked out, so he turned and went back

 to have a few words with the guard.

Discerning connections between the three guys,

 the guard asked a question of him,

Then Peter, afraid of what might well ensue, 

denied being “one of his men.”


A fire had been lit on account of the cold. 

To warm up they stood in a knot. 

When asked of his membership in Jesus’ group, 

again, Peter said, “I am not.”

Then someone among them remembered the ear

 that Peter chopped off with a sword.

Confronted with proof of his earlier act, 

again he abandoned his Lord. 


Image:    Adam de Coster – The Denial of Saint Peter,  17th Century

Source:  John 18:15-18 & 25-27

Text:  David Alexander, 2022  CC BY-NC SA 4.0

Tune:  Samanthra, Public Domain


Audio:  Used by Permission

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