In the Garden

After Jesus spoke this way, he and friends went out and prayed.

Knowing where the garden lay, Judas dropped by to betray.


He came armed, prepared for war. Jesus asked what they’d come for.

When they knew that it was he, they fell back and took the knee. 


He had one more thing to tell (since his friends were there as well).

“Let them go now. Set them free.  God has given them to me.”


Thinking to protect his Lord, Peter struck out with a sword.

Jesus told him, “put that back;” kept his destiny on track.   


Image:  Judaskus, Philips Galle, 1573  

Source:  John 18:1-11

Text:  David Alexander, 2022  CC BY-NC SA 4.0

Tune:   Meng Jiang Nu, Public Domain


Audio:  Used by Permission

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