Answers to Unasked Questions

His message was for all folks, the kin and strangers, too.

Though sometimes the outsiders had trouble getting through.

And when, at last, they’d meet him, they were not satisfied.

He said what he was thinking, not what was on their mnds.


His very own disciples were often mystified.

To “someone’s here,” he answered, “I must be glorified.”

“Let’s talk about things dying, and then, of bearing fruit;

of loving life and losing, of hating it for good.”


“I’ll give you vague directions. You’ll follow where I lead.

And though my soul is troubled, the Father’s voice I’ll heed.”

A Godly affirmation was heard by one and all.

Some thought that it was thunder, and others heard a call.


The world would face its judgment, its ruler put to rout,

When Jesus would be lifted and draw all people out.

He knew just what was coming, and didn’t give an inch

The ones who heard debated, but Jesus didn’t flinch.


“Walk while the light is with you and darkness is at bay;

for when you walk in darkness you cannot see the way. 

While you have light, believe it. Become its children then.”

He turned away, departed, and hid himself from them. 


Photo:  Richard Parkes Bonington after Rembrandt: Christ Preaching, Public Domain  

Source:  John 12:20-36

Text:  David Alexander, 2022  CC BY-NC SA 4.0

Tune:  Ely Cathedral, Public Domain


Audio:  Used by Permission

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