Grew in Wisdom and in Stature

Not some years, but every year, they went up to Jerusalem.

When their son was twelve years old he traveled right along with them.

Having worshipped in the temple and fulfilled their duty, then,

parents turned their faces homeward. Jesus lingered with some men.


Thinking him among their kinfolk, on the road they walked a day.

When they missed him, made a search and then retraced the road they came.

Three days later, in the temple, found him with the wise and sage.

Where he sat in conversation with folks far beyond his age.


All who heard him were astonished by the ways and words he spoke.

When his mother scolded him he told them that they should have known.

He returned to Nazareth where he was subject unto them.

Grew in wisdom, stature and in favor with both God and men. 


Image:  Licensed to David Alexander by 

Source: Luke 2:41-52

Text:  David Alexander, 2009, CC BY-SA 4.0

Tune:  Hymn to Joy, Public Domain


Audio: Used by Permission.

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