The Song of Zechariah

Bless-ed be Is-rael’s God, who looked upon us

and has redeemed those who’ve walked in his ways.

For whom he raised up a savior most mighty.

This we were told by the prophets of old.


Enemies put to flight and all who hate us,

mercy to ancestors told is revealed.

Covenants made with the patriarchs remembered

that we might serve righteously without fear. 


You, child, will come to be God’s modern prophet.

Before God’s Christ you’ll make ready the way.

Giving folks knowledge of God’s great forgiveness

and of salvation that all may partake.


Tender God’s mercy as dawn breaks upon us.

Light shines in darkness and shadows of death.

Freedom to captives who’ve cried for God’s presence

to guide our feet in divine ways of peace. 


Image:  Licensed to David Alexander by 

Source: Luke 1:68-79

Text:  David Alexander, 2009, CC BY-SA 4.0

Tune:    Russian Hymn,Public Domain


Audio: Used by Permission.

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