Give it a Rest

Labor builds as it depletes, strength you have to do it.

Much like people, land itself, tires and needs a respite.

Give it time to live again e’re you start re-se-ed-ing.

Fallow earth regenerates, growing what you’re ne-ed-ing.


Since you claim you trust in God, lay it on the li-ne.

Take a rest, kick back, relax, give yourself some ti-me. 

Sins confess and debts forgive, loosen what you hold. 

God provides, you need not fret over what is owed.  


Photo: by Cassandra Hamer on Unsplash

Source: Leviticus 25: 1-12

Text:  David Alexander, 2021  CC BY-SA NC 4.0

Tune:  Rex, Public Domain


Audio:  Used by Permission

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