Leviticus 26:23-26 An Inheritance Spent

You grew up and you moved away. “So far so good,” is what they say.

We transferred money to your banks, but never heard a word of thanks. 

The balance showed that you withdrew however much we sent to you.

Your gravy train was so far gone. Your me-al ticket was withdrawn.  


The years flew past, then neighbors asked about the child they used to know.

Like “where’s she at?” and “what’s she do?” We answered that we had no clue.

We got no letter, no postcard. Come on, it couldn’t be THAT hard.  

We packed our stuff and sold the house, and moved to somewhere further south.


Our life was warm and we ignored the sadnesses that once we’d stored.

When someone from our old home town informed us that you came around

in something of a contrite mood, searching for shelter, clothes and food.  

They didn’t say where we had moved, just knew that we had felt unloved. 


We have not ceased to hope and pray: that we’ll see you again, some day;

That you are in a place that’s safe; and happiness in work and play.

To think that you’re in need somewhere is something that we wouldn’t dare.

We wish to make it evident that your inheritance, we’ve spent.  


Photo: by Joe Shlabotnik on Flickr  CC BY 2.0 Generic     

Source:   Leviticus 26:23-26

Text:  David Alexander, 2021  CC BY-SA NC 4.0

Tune:    Merthyr Tydfil , Public Domain

Score:  https://www.smallchurchmusic.com/Score_PDF/TheseThingsShallBe-MerthyrTydfil.pdf    

Audio:www.smallchurchmusic.com  Used by Permission

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