Paying Bills Leviticus 22:21-25

Olympic medals are not given hung on shoddy strings.

We recognize accomplishment with finer grades of things.

It’s similar, when facing God, to offer up our best.

Not “good enough for gummint work”, but “what will stand the test.”


The runts of litters, seconds, or what’s damaged in the freight

would not give pleasure if received as payment on a day

to settle debts or clear accounts; keep those ones for yourself.

So, eat your fill, but pay your bills with what belongs to health.


Photo:  by Aditya Joshi on Unsplash

Source: Leviticus 22:21-25

Text: David Alexander, 2021 CC BY-SA NC 4.0

Tune:  Cripplegate, Public Domain


Audio: Used by Permission

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