People Don’t Think God is Stupid Leviticus 22:2-9

People don’t think God is stupid, when they burn a sacrifice

they are confident that what they torch is just to symbolize

what goes on within their souls and how they want to be made whole.


What they give at synagogues and temples, churches, mosques and such,

Passes to administrators who are tasked to manage funds. 

When something is stolen trust is broken and the souls as well.


Basic honesty is what is wanted from the president.

Bankers of poor character may well be chucked out onto the cement.

Rabbis, pastors, priests, and  imams all must live above reproach.


Photo:   by Vadim Sadovski on Unsplash

Source: Leviticus 22:2-9

Text: David Alexander, 2021 CC BY-SA NC 4.0

Tune:   Dismissal, Public Domain


Audio: Used by Permission

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