You Can’t Shout it Out

Your shirt has got a nasty spot. You want to see it gone.

You soak and scrub, but here’s the rub, it stays in all along.

You let it rest; hope for the best, though when you look again,

some stains set in can be like sin, so toss it in, just toss it in the bin.


But people aren’t like clothes (thank God), we can’t throw them away.

We lock some up for months and years, not just for seven days.

The ways we treat them while they’re “in” and greet them coming out

all demonstrate the love or hate behind what we’re, behind what we’re, about.  


Photo: by Buschap on Flickr, CC BY-NC

Source:   Leviticus 13:53-55

Text:  David Alexander, 2021   CC BY-SA-NC  4.0

Tune:  Republic , Public Domain


Audio: Used by Permission

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