The People Can Rejoice

When righteousness is in control the people can rejoice.

When wicked people come to rule, the poor folks have no voice.

With justice come stability and obligations shared,

but crooked rulers serve themselves in ways that are unfair. 


When counselors tell lies, the ones they counsel go astray.

From top to bottom, wickedness and greed can have their way.

A leader who is just enjoys respect from one and all,

but one who rules in wickedness is heading for a fall.


Injustice is abominated in the righteous’ sight

as righteousness is hated ‘mong the ones who won’t do right.

If you want favor, bribe a wicked ruler who you’ve met;

if you want justice, look to God, who hasn’t faltered yet. 


Photo:  by Gage Skidmore on wikimedia commons

Source: Proverbs 29:2,4,12,14,16,26,27

Text:  David Alexander, 2021  CC BY-SA

Tune: Leveque, Public Domain  


Audio:  Used by Permission

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