Friends you Maybe Shouldn’t Make

President Nixon gamely tries out his chopsticks at a banquet given in his honor

If you choose to flirt with power, know it’s at your risk.

Folks who have it got it somehow. Do you know their tricks?


You may feel you’re called to service of a high ideal,

only to discover at the table you’re the meal.


Some folks offer invitations that they do not mean.

Every bite and sip you take they think how to regain.


Take care not to waste yourself at banquets that they spread

Lest in paying back you find discomfort, pain and dread.


Folks might hear your words but fail to understand their sense.

Some of them are fools who will despise what’s evident. 


It’s much better to be silent than misunderstood.

Hear, be wise, direct your mind in ways that lead to good.


Careful when the banquet offers wine and lots of meat.

Though they’re both good things they hold potential to mislead.


If you take too much of either, you will fall asleep,

missing how the path of fat has led to poverty.



Source:  Proverbs 23:1-3, 6-10, 20-21

Text:  © David Alexander, 2021

Tune: Salm Foreol, (Welsh: Gyda thoriad gwawr y bore)   Public Domain   Used by Permission

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