Untangled Verses (Proverbs 11: 12-21)

Sowing righteousness will bring a true reward.

Those of blameless ways delight the sovereign Lord.

Those who are trustworthy hold all confidence. 

If you would be free, make kindness your defense. 


Wicked ways of living earn no lasting gain.

Telling others’ secrets just makes you a pain.

God above abhors unkind and crooked minds.

Wickedness pursuers should prepare to die. 


Where there is no guidance, there a nation fails.

Calling others names, your senselessness unveils.

Destitution waits for those who will not give. 

Cruelty will harm you, if it’s how you live.


Safety’s found where words of counsellors are heard.

Listening in silence shows intelligence.

Pushing gets you rich, but, that could be absurd;

when by grace there’s honor, which makes much more sense.


Photo: by Dương Trí on Unsplash

Source: Proverbs 11:12-21

Text:  © David Alexander, 2021

Tune:  Au Clare de la Lune, Public Domain

Score: https://www.smallchurchmusic.com/2017/Score/JesusHandsWereKind-AuClaire-Chords.pdf 

Audio:www.smallchurchmusic.com  Used by Permission

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