You’re the Judge

You’re the judge. Do – right and fair, pro – tect your heart and – hands each day.

Wicked people – lie from birth, they –  wander and they – go astray

Some are poison,  – some don’t listen. – Arguments their – minds don’t sway.

God knows how to – deal with them. They’re – not your business – anyway.


Let them be like – grass that’s trodden – like a snail dis – solved to slime;

Like the stuff scrubbed – from the bottom – of a pot en – cased in grime.

When the righteous – see God’s justice, – satisfaction – is sublime.

Folks will say that – there’s reward, so – wait for God to – act in time.


Photo: by shahin khalaji on Unsplash   

Source: Psalm 58

Text:   © David Alexander, 2020

Tune:  Yr Hun Gan (A Welsh Lullaby)  

Audio:  Used by Permission 


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