There’s a Chance We May Be Wrong (Proverbs 5:7-14)

There’s a chance we may be wrong, but

you should listen anyway.

Maybe someday you’ll be sorry,

and you’ll come to rue the day

when the one you trusted sent you 

on a mission that was wrong, 

stole your honor and your labor, 

left you in a rabid throng.


What you gave, your leader squandered. 

When in agony you groan;

when the lies you recognize, you’ll 

see the fault is all your own.

Listen to the voice of wisdom 

e’re you come to utter ruin. 

When in public view you take the 

perp walk for what you’ve been doin’.


Photo:  Tyler Merbler from USA, CC BY 2.0  via Wikimedia Commons

Source: Proverbs 5:7-14

Text: © David Alexander, 2021

Tune: O Durchbrecher


Audio:  Used by permission

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