Keep the Poor in Mind

All who keep the poor in mind,

whom God saves and keeps alive,

are called happy in the land,

and in righteousness will stand.


Though I sinned against the Lord,

God has grace, and keeps the word.

Friend and enemy wish ill,

God upholds me. Always will.


Raise me up, God, make me stand.

I won’t die by haters’ hand.

You’re for-ev-er by my side,

or long a-go I’d have died.


Blest be God, cre-a-tion’s Lord

who made all things by a word.

Ev-er-last-ing to the end,

we will sing the great A-Men


Photo: by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Source: Psalm 41

Text:   © David Alexander, 2020  

Tune: Highland Cathedral 


Audio:  Used by Permission.

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