On God’s Hill (Psalm 15)

O Lord, who’d dare to live with you; dwell on your holy height,

but those who walk in blamelessness and only do what’s right?


No slander on their tongues is found, no evil word of friends.

With neighbors far and near they love and never give offense. 


They give no space to wickedness, and honor honest faith. 

They keep their word though it might hurt and lend at zero rate. 


The innocent need never fear that they have been sold out.

God’s faith-filled friends will not be moved, God’s holy word to flout.


Photo:  Scott Webb on Unsplash

Source:  Psalm 15

Text:  © David Alexander, 2020

Tune:   Stalham,  Public Domain

Score:  https://www.smallchurchmusic.com/2018/Score/QuiteThrough-Stalham-Chords.pdf 

Audio:  www.smallchurchmusic.com Used by Permission.

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