How Long, God? (Psalm 13)

How long, God? Have you forgotten? All our searching seems in vain.

We cry out but get no answer. All we know is grief and pain.

Enemies have been exalted, and they boast that they’ve prevailed.

They rejoice, but we’re forsaken, battered, shaken to have failed. 


Take a look. Consider, answer. Let me know or I will die. 

I have trusted in your love, but lately, God, I can’t say why.

I have sung of your salvation, and your generosity.

That’s the thing I’ll cling to as I enter your eternity.


Photo: by Arnaud Papa on Unsplash    

Source:    Psalm 13

Text: © David Alexander, 2020

Tune:  Chartres,  Public Domain


Audio:  Used by Permission 

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