Break some Arms Psalm 10

When troubles come it seems you’re too far off for us to see you.

The wicked and the arrogant feel free to do what they do.

They curse you, God, within their hearts and boast of their intentions.

They think that you are NOT, or that you’re blind to their deceptions.


To see it their way, they’re OK. They think they’re sitting pretty.

Adversity of any kind is not for their committee. 

Their mouths are filled with cursing, and iniquity’s their habit.

They lie in ambush waiting for an easy mark, then grab it.


They lurk like lions watching for an unsuspecting victim

whom they might seize and drag away because they run the system.

When they attack the helpless fall. Of God, they have forgotten.

Or else they think you do not care about the poor downtrodden.


Rise up. O Lord, lift up your hand. Take up the cause of justice.

Do not forget the ones who toil in trouble, grief and toughness.

Break evildoers’ arms. Drive their pollution from this nation.

Hear humble folks’ desires; lift them to praise you with elation. 


Photo: by Sandy Kumar on Unsplash  

Source:  Psalm 10

Text: © David Alexander, 2020

Tune:  St Gall,  Public Domain


Audio:  Used by Permission.

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