Convene a Public Trial (Psalm 7)

We hide in you, O saving Lord, from enemies’ pursuit.

Protect us from their fearsome fangs. There’s no one else like you. 

That sin’s in us, we have no doubt, but not what they accuse.

If we have done the things they say then smash us as you choose.


Get angry, Lord, enough to move. Convene a public trial, 

and judge us by your righteousness for perfidy and guile. 

If there’s integrity in us, then we will surely stand. 

But if we’re guilty, God, then we deserve your reprimand.


Test minds and hearts, O righteous God, bring wickedness to heel. 

Delight to make the evil folk your indignation feel, 

but have a heart for common people bearing sinful stains. 

When any come repenting, show your love and ease our pains.


The traps we set for others to entice them into ruin 

become the pits that catch us and result in our undoing. 

We know that you are righteous, Lord. Your steadfast love is sure.

We thank you for your tolerance, and praise you evermore


Photo: by Rodrigo Curi on Unsplash 

Source:  Psalm 7

Text:  © David Alexander, 2020

Tune:  Leverque,  Public Domain


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