The Lord is to be Praised

The Lord is to be praised in heaven and on earth. 

With angel voices raised God’s host proclaims this worth.

Shine forth O sky. Sun, moon and star declare the name of God a-far.


O air and cloud and bird you too take up the theme. 

For by God’s spoken word you have all come to be.

You’ve all been made by God’s decree established for eternity.


All creatures of the deep, smoke fi-re ice and cloud,

The fruit of ev’ry tree and grass that hills does shroud,

beast, fowl and cow, bug, insect, worm come praise the One whose name is firm.


All kings and common folk, you nobles of the world, 

men, women, young or old as well as boy and girl, 

turn to the Lord, your voices raise to God above in endless praise.


For only God is true, whose glory covers all. 

And you the chosen few are rescued from the fall. 

O God’s elect of ev’ry race cease not to praise before God’s face. 


Photo by Arusfly 🌿 on Unsplash

Source: Psalm 148

Text: Loh Sian-chhun   Tr. © David Alexander, 2007 & 2020.

Tune: Darwall  

Score:  Used by Permission

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