Wait Spaciously: Psalm 37:7-26

In stillness wait for God, fret not (it only leads to evil).

The wicked get their due, await their time (it will be dreadful).

So wait some more, the land is yours. Just bide your time and tarry.

Prosperity is what you’ll see. The wicked get what’s scary. 


They sharpen swords and string up bows to kill the poor and needy.

With gnashing teeth and flashing eyes (they do no-thing discreetly).

But God’s amused by what they do, so on a day that’s coming,

the bow they load and sword they draw will be their own undoing.


A little bit with righteousness is better than a fortune

obtained by guile and trickery or stolen from an orphan.

The Lord upholds the righteous and maintains their lives through famine.

The wicked perish like dry grass that’s burnt up in an oven. 


The wicked borrow, never share. The righteous keep on giving.

When God approves the way we go, though stumbling, we keep living.

Though I’ve been young, as I’ve grown old I’ve seen those who keep lending,

They’ve never been forsaken yet. Their children are a blessing. 


Photo: by United Nations Covid-19 Response on Unsplash

Source: Psalm 37L 7-26

Text: © David Alexander, 2020

Tune: Was Mein Gott Will  Public Domain

Score:   https://www.smallchurchmusic.com/Score_PDF-2010/TheWillOfGod-WasMeinGottWill.pdf 

Audio: www.smallchurchmusic.com  Used by Permission

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