Bustin’ Heads (2)

By mighty scepter you will rule, your enemies tread under.

Your people follow willingly, as you lead them to plunder.

Like morning’s dew, your youth renewed, will serve you at the altar,

By God’s command you’ll ever stand, your priesthood never falter.   

The Lord will stand at your right hand; Your foes the Lord will shatter.

The judgments God will execute to life and death will matter. 

Some heads will rise and others break as you lead out your forces

To holy mountain, sacred vale, while filling them with corpses. 


Photo:   Studio Incendio CC BY 2.0

Source:  Psalm 110 

Text:  © David Alexander, 2020

Tune:  Barbara Allen, Public Domain

Audio:  www.smallchurchmusic.com  used by permission. 

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