Make our Homeland Great Again (Psalm 102)

Hear my cries, attend my prayer, listen like you’re really there.

On this day of my distress, I need answers now, express!

All too quickly my days pass, and I wither much like grass.

Sleep deprived, and foe beset, I’m too wasted to eat bread.

Other people suffer, too, trust their futures, God, to you.

When it’s time you’ll rise up, then, make our homeland great again.

Write it down for distant years, when our childrens’ children fear

that the Lord looked on the doomed, set them free and gave them room.

Earth’s foundation you have laid, and the heavens you have made. 

These will perish, you’ll endure. May our children live secure. 

Photo by Stefanie Fischer on Unsplash 

Tune: Alcester

Source: Psalm 102

Text: © David Alexander, 2020


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