The Doer of Marvellous Things (Ps. 98)

O sing to the doer of marvellous things.

Shout out a new song to the king of all kings.

In sight of the nations where victory’s shown

God’s steadfast and faithful love surely are known. 


A joyful noise make to the Lord, all the earth;

break forth into verses of praising and mirth.

Accompany song with both drums and guitar.

Play loudly so you can be heard from afar. 


Let oceans and rivers and mountains join in.

All beings on earth claim a share of the din,

for when the Lord comes we will all be set free

the judgment of God will confirm equity.


Photo by Ken Okum on Unsplash

Tune: Datchet


Source:  Psalm 98

Text: © David Alexander, 2020

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