Glow, God of Vengeance, Shine!

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Glow, God of Vengeance, Shine!  Judge evil; wash the swine.

Halt wickedness’ advance and stifle ev’ry evil boast. 

Our enemies are yours, each one a guilty cur.

They think that you don’t see, but of your watch we’re sure. 


It’s obvious to us, you’re always listening.  

You never miss a trick. Each whisper you have heard. 

Your eyes are always clear, and you have seen it all.

In disciplining nations you have made some fall. 


Your justice, it is pure; so punishment is sure; 

and anyone who wastes your time just vanishes. 

We’ve learned your righteous ways. That’s why we have been saved. 

We know we’ll see your victory and praise your name. 


You stand for us against the evil all around. 

If not we’d soon have slipped off of our moral ground. 

Lord, you have held us up, through our unnumbered cares.

Our souls you have consoled and answered all our prayers. 


When ruled by wickedness, and under great duress,

we’ll strive to trust that you are just, and this will pass.

So help us to hold on; our strength is almost gone.

Repay them with what they deserve, and bring us home. 


Photo by Tyler Lastovich on Unsplash

Tune:  Supplication

Source:  Psalm 94

Text: © David Alexander, 2020

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