Not Now…Later (Psalm 74)

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O God, why have you cast us off for ever?

Why does your anger smoke against your sheep?

For generations we have been your people.

Promises made were meant for you to keep.


Near to this holy place we felt protected,

but now an enemy has hacked it down.

We feel betrayed and live as if rejected. 

Not just our temple, they took every town. 


There is no vision, neither any prophet.

No flag to fly, to rally us to fight.

Your reputation, God, is in the balance.

Stretch out your arm, and save us by your might. 


You broke the heads of dragons in the waters;

opened up springs, made flowing rivers dry.

Yours are the kingdom, power and the glory.

Now you don’t act, and we’d like to know why.


Impious people scoff at your inaction,

and we, your righteous children, suffer shame.

When you deliver us from this affliction,

then will the poor and needy praise your name.


Photo by Brandi Ibrao on Unsplash

Source:   Psalm 74

Text:  © David Alexander, 2020

Tune: Strength and Stay


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