Teach Us Justice, Lord

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Teach us justice, Lord, so we might righteously

Care for ev’ryone who copes with poverty.

May the mountains’ treasures bring prosperity

Filling needs and flushing out all cruelty.


May the ways we come to live outlast the sun.

May they nourish so we flourish ‘til we’re done.

Peace abound beyond the moon that shines at night.

May we live in harmony beneath your sight.


May there be no limit to your kingdom’s reach;

no one who opposes love of life to each.

May the wealth of nations be shared out to all,

and the pow’r of evil under justice fall.


May we become known as caring for the weak:

taking pity on the needy and the meek;

from oppressive vi-o-lence redeeming lives;  

holding people’s selves as precious in our sight.


For as long as, Lord, you grant prosperity

May we ever meet your graces thankfully.

And may cities, countrysides and coasts as well,

blessing share with others as your love we tell.   


Photo by Victória Kubiaki on Unsplash

Source: Psalm 72

Text: © David Alexander, 2020

Tune:  Caernarfon

Score: https://www.smallchurchmusic.com/2013/Score/OLordOfTheSpring-Caernarfon.pdf

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